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Grappa Cake and Mitochondrial Tires

What has mitochondrion to do with cycling. A lot, I suppose, even I cant explain that. The Grappa Cake is my business.


We will hear more about mitochondrions and cycling in future. Last Monday an international group of mitochondrial researchers of Helsinki University met in Ilse´s. Eating tomato and pea soup, blueberry quark (rahka) with talkkunatalking about cycling and TdH. You may recognize two persons? No, they are not mito-persons, they are the coaches of the Team 🙂

Then the Grappa Cake. The story began on April 2010 when two Finns where cycling up to Monte Grappa and I was in Helsinki. I baked my traditional brandy cake and changed brandy to Italian grappa.

This time I could use a new baking form, a special cake pan made for Pandoro, Christmas cake from Verona. I´m going to bring this form back to Italy after some months, so it´s time to use it. (Tikusta asiaa, kakku…)

Grappa Cake, basic recipe.

Just multiply the measures to have a larger dough. (I used 3 as multiplier).

100 g butter, 100 g sugar, 1 egg, 50 g wheat flour, 50 g potato flour and 1 spoon (15 ml) grappa.


Mix the butter and sugar, add the eggs one by one. I use to add one spoon flours after each egg.  Add the flours, then grappa. So simple, so good!


Yes, I should have multiplied with 4 or 5.

This is not EXACTLY what I was trying to create. This cake was meant to be Cake Monte Grappa, but it transformed to volcanic mountain in the oven???I had to serve it upside down, it seems to be Cake Vesuvio.

Tasty, however, with Team Mito.



Hyvää Joulua!

Helsinki 24.12.2009

Cervélo cake

Tour de Helsinki 6.9.2009 inspirated me to create a cervélo cake.

cervélo chokolate-beetroot cake

cervélo chokolate-beetroot cake

I made the  cake of egss, sugar, wheat flours, baking powder, beetroot, cinnamon, vanilla, applejam, cinnamon, dark chocolate and rape-seed oil. The topping is made of chocolate, cheese, vanilla and sugar. The red colour is not good, it´s pink, I coloured it with beetroot. But it tasted 🙂