Team Orvokki 2014 Juniors – Apupoika FIN ja Sten IT

Tänään on esittelyvuorossa Team Orvokin 2014 nuoret ajajat, Apukuskin tiimikaveri Apupoika ja viime talven Suomessa opiskellut ja talvipyöräillyt italialaisvahvistuksemme Sten.

Aiemmin olemme esitelleet Heliveikin ja JiiTeen, ensi torstaina Apukuski ja mip63.

First Apupoika (in Finnish?) and then Sten in Italy.


Well… tulossa on, coming soon. Muutama sana Apupojasta on matkalla tänne, aikanaan. Näitä kahta nuorta miestä, jotka eivät vielä tunne toisiaan,  yhdistää muukin kuin pyöräily. Much more than timing and gardening 😉


I am an Italian student of Agricultural Science and l love nature and outdoor.  And l love food and products of land !!

Those are the motivations why l started to do sport. l want to stay outside as much as possible, so cycling, gardening and hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter are my passions. I love MOUNTAINS .

Tapsa37-8 years ago sport was a sort of obliging thing imposed by my parents. l really loved food but not sport so much.
Then l started to watch giro d’ Italia in TV, and after every stage l took my bicycle in the evening and did some little trips of few  km (8..10..12 ) in the beginning. Then passion grew very fast. l got a new bike (my father was so happy ) and decided that the best way to enjoy food is to start from it’ s production…that’s why of gardening and Agricultural Science.

In the past four years sport has been one of the first goals in my life. l have been competing in cross country ski with increasing results, but cycling is still my great passion for the good season. Now it is a way to train for the next ski season, but also a way to relax and enjoy outdoor.
Then it is also a way to travel. l have done many tours with bike, bags and tent… but this is another story!

Regarding motivation for cycling, they are training, beauty of mountains and landscape and maybe one tour with my friend Carlo, somewhere.

During the summer 2014 l will focus on studying, l would like to graduate in September and especially on exercise. Next season l want to race very hard with skis and…let’s see 😉
Other dreams for summer are to meet friends l met in Finland during my exchange and hopefully visit my Finnish family in Helsinki!!!

My motto, it’ s from my grandmother, so it’ s a dialect expression ”al de la del potere no xe mai nda nessun, xe nda solo na cavra e no xe pi tornà indrio…”
That means,  no one was never able to go further than  what is possible,  only a sheep tried and it never came back ..
It may be stupid, but it’ s what my parents say me when I´m doing too many things same time and too hard 🙂
We have to do things if we really enjoy, but not force ourselves!!!



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