Team Orvokki 2014 – Heikki Heinaro

I´m Heikki Heinaro, Helsinki, Finland.

HHe CanariaI’m a novice midlife cyclist obsessed with progressing in the sport and keeping fit. I’ve always bicycled and at least part of the time commuted by bike. But it wasn’t until last summer when I finally made true my intention to buy a road bike and got immediately hooked. Now I observe myself consuming rapidly growing amounts of time and money on cycling and wonder how this will end.

Keeping fit and getting fitter is my primary motivation. But I’m also keen on everything around cycling: getting to know fellow cyclists, understanding the history and the culture, exploring new places by bike, professional racing and so on.

My target is to reach 10.000 annual cycling kms by end of May and then keep increasing that figure as much as I can before the one year anniversary of my road bike in July. I fear frequent business travel may interfere with this but let’s see. I’m planning to bicycle one week in July in the Trentino / Asiago region in Italy in July, while my family is participating the Italian orienteering week there.

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