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We are a group of mitochondrial researchers, cycling lovers from Universities of Helsinki and Tampere (and Nijmegen, Netherlands). We got connected during autumn 2013 at our research organization’s annual meeting. Ilse and Chris got crazy, and suggested that we would train for a race, Tour de Helsinki (TdH). Now we are more than ten people in TeamMITO, training together, with the help of our Coaches Anne Palm, Matti and Mirja Priha ❤ We want also do this for a special purpose: There is a new children’s hospital being built in Helsinki (, and we thought that if anyone would like to make a monetary donation that this would be an appropriate cause (donate for TeamMITO). We will train and cycle, because we love it ❤



It was only last fall, when I first thought to attend Tour de Helsinki (TdH). And this was because of Mirja, my very dear friend, and Matti. They vetivät lenkin  and the seed started to grow in my mind.. But I could not think doing it just by myself. Chris, he is crazy enough to do this. He said “maybe”. For a couple of times. Then it became “possibly”, and finally YES. It did not take long since we had houkutella some other lunies to this project, and now we are some ten people, from Helsinki, Tampere and Nijmegen.



I have been doing some long-distance cycling in Finland but nothing that was really organized and usually on my own, so I was really happy when Ilse suggested doing the TdH. I had taken part in some triathlons and once a marathon a long long time ago back home in the UK. The participants were often raising money for charities, sometimes because the cause that the charity is raising money for has a special meaning for them while others use it as a motivation to help them commit to the training before the big day and for the event itself. Our TeamMITO includes a group of researchers at Helsinki and Tampere Universities studying mitochondrial disorders, which are genetically inherited metabolic diseases affecting both children and adults. These disorders are often severe and debilitating, and can lead to death at a very early age. In our research we try to better identify and understand these diseases, which leads to the major goal of our research in trying to develop therapies for them. Internationally there are many charities which are raising awareness of and money for research into mitochondrial disorders. There is no such equivalent here in Finland so we thought that we would do something similar as part of the challenge of the TdH.

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There is a new children’s hospital being built in Helsinki (, and we thought that if anyone would like to make a monetary donation that this would be an appropriate cause. I believe TeamMITO is already very motivated to complete the TdH, but if in doing so we appen to raise some interest into mitochondrial disorders and a little money towards the building of a children’s hospital that would make it all the more worthwhile.


You can do your donation here – voit lahjoittaa lantin lastensairaalalle täällä.


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