Cycling Veronese Christmas Cake and the real spirit of Christmas

Yes, joulupukki doesn´t mean always Santa Claus. This is joulupukki.


And this branch of rowan is just like one Arabic alphabet? Did I understand right?


At Christmas Eve 24.12. we got eight Christmas guests from afar. I knew just two of them before, young Russian students I have met in Cycling Tours of Helsinki Cyclists (HePo).  All the others were strangers.

Four of our guests were students and the other four  asylum seekers from the Resource Center in Punavuori, Helsinki. People from England, Iraq, Italy, Russia and Syria. And 3/4 of our family, my younger daughter is right now travelling in Tibet, spending her Christmas in Everest Base Camp. Despite this, I think we had one of the best Christmas eve we ever had.


Telling our stories, eating good food, tasting glögi and reindeer, admiring and wondering the Magic Man, singing and just talking with each other, even all of us didn´t have a common language. Our British guest was a treasure, just like a family member taking care of everyone.


Because this is a Cycling Blog I´m going to tell you what does cycling has to do with our multicultural Christmas.

Our Russian guests had made a special Russian party food Herring under the fur. A layered herring, onion, potato, carrot and beetroot  salad. In a rainy afternoon they cycled to us with that delicious, big and heavy box. And after 2:00 at Christmas night they cycled home, in the middle of the driving lanes, all traffic lights green, no cars. ”The best Critical Mass of the year!”

Our Italian guest arrived by bicycle too. In his rucksack he had a special Veronese Christmas Cake, almost ready, just without baking. He has no oven in his student apart. And just before the midnight he took his bicycle to take part in the catholic midnight mess.


Well, Veronese is in Finnish veronalainen. Veronalainen (FIN) is taxable translated to English again. It wasn´t me but my friend Ilse who noticed this 🙂 Taxable Christmas Cake.

And it came to pass those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed.

And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.

And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city.

Just like one of our guests said: ” It was a really special Christmas, l think that we realized its real spirit ! ”

PS. Next time we are going to ski or go to pulkkamäki. Are you ready? we just need little snow…



7 responses to “Cycling Veronese Christmas Cake and the real spirit of Christmas

  1. Olipa varmasti ikimuistoinen joulu koko porukalle.

  2. Ihana oli lukea vähän erilaisesta joulusta ja nähdä kuviakin. Systerille rupesin kertomaan aatonaattona teidän perheen joulusta, mutta hän olikin kuullut radiosta haastattelusi ja tiesi jo suunnitelmanne. Hyvää loppuvuotta Mirja!

  3. Teillä tuntuu olleen hauskaa!!
    Vaati muutaman lukukerran ennenkuin oivalsin veronalainen/taxable, mutta aukesi se kuitenkin.

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